Physis Villas Chania

Physis Villas are located on a lash green peaceful environment, nestled in a verdant farm of three acres. Ιn the garden, which is formed for the purpose of generously offering all the products of the Cretan land, grow all kinds of domestic aromatic plants such as lavender, marjoram, thyme, and dittany of Crete. Additionally, one may also find several kinds of fruit trees like peach trees, apple trees, plum trees, apricot trees, pomegranate trees, banana trees, quince trees, mango trees, passion fruits, cumquat, avocados, and also grape vines of different varieties which are in full flourish during summer.

Right next to the villas is set a big farm of avocados which grow from April to June, and a small bee-farm that contributes to the pollination of the avocado trees and produces organic honey flavored with herbs and citrus fruits coming from the region. Thyme, savory, heath (both white and red), strawberry trees, and eucalyptus trees are some of the wild herbs and aromatic plants which flourish in the area providing us with honey of excellent flavor which is available for our guests.

The guests of Physis Villas may also enjoy long, carefree walks among the green orange trees or on the surrounding hillock paths which are covered with wild herbs and birdsongs, while in the evening they may gaze the stars on the night sky.